SharePoint Fast Forms

Our Fast Forms Generator for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 – 2016 (Currently in phase of development) let you design and use complex forms for capturing information from your co-workers and employees without any technical programming knowledge.

The intuitive and easy to use template picker makes the designing the most complex organizational forms a simple task.

The data captured by the forms is always saved in a SharePoint List.
The Forms Designer is also inside the SharePoint Addin Aplication. There is no need to have any separated application on your desktop or laptop.

• All native SharePoint field types and native validations

• Alternative validations at client side

• Additional file upload input on the form

• Professional layout with tabs

Use our Fast Forms App to create forms for:

• Event Registrations

• Feedback

• Document and Media Management

• Award Nominations

• Travel Requests

• General HR Data Collection

• Audits

• Applications and much more!