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As a professional services provider that wrapped its business around SharePoint, Clock Technologies is moving forward to offering more of a SharePoint one-stop shop for its customers.

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You can specify how a SharePoint site is displayed in a browser on a mobile device. Using a mobile device you can choose between two kinds of views—mobile view and pc view—for some kinds of SharePoint sites and a OneDrive for Business library. In pc view, users see navigation links across the top of the page. In mobile view, users see the site formatted to display nicely on their device.


Alerts are notifications of changes to content on a site that you receive as e-mail messages or text messages to your mobile phone, depending on how your site is configured. You can use either the User Information page or the Manage Alerts on this Site page to view and cancel your alerts and change the settings for your alerts. If you have permission to manage a site, you can also view and cancel alerts for other people by using the User Alerts page.

SharePoint Fast Forms

Appart from the simple out of the box SharePoint forms when you create a library or a list we offer "Clock Technologies Fast Forms for SharePoint" that let you design and use complex forms for capturing information from your co-workers and employees without any technical programming knowledge. The intuitive and easy to use template picker makes the designing the most complex organizational forms a simple task.


SharePoint supports the accessibility features of common web browsers to enable you to access and manage SharePoint sites. Web browsers provide support for keyboard interactions so that users who don't use a mouse can use a keyboard to navigate the user interface and perform actions in SharePoint. Accessible technology enables users to interact with computers and applications in different ways to help meet their visual, hearing, speech, dexterity, and cognitive needs. Accessible technology includes features, options, and utilities that are built into the Windows operating system and other Microsoft products, in addition to third-party hardware and software add-ons (also known asassistive technology). Microsoft strives to build products that are accessible to everyone.

Extended Capabilities

SharePoint is a development platform for SharePoint Add-ins and farm solutions. Get acquainted with the capabilities and features of SharePoint to start your development. SharePoint is a versatile development platform for building add-ins and solutions with varying scopes that address a wide range of needs.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online offers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of infrastructure management on its own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet your organization's compliance requirements. You can purchase SharePoint in the cloud as a standalone offer or as part of our SharePoint Online support suite from € 20 a month with 100 Gb of storage. In addition, you can also access Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Enterprise Skype, Office clients and web applications.

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SharePoint Fast Forms

Stay tuned with our new SharePoint Addins!

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SharePoint Cloud Hosting for Small and Medium sized Companies

We offer SharePoint Cloud Hosting in SharePoint Online for those companies who want something Fast, Easy and Reliable. Contact us for more inform